How to contribute

After reviewing the Queensland War Memorial Register, you may find memorial details that are incomplete or you may know of a war memorial that has not been listed. This page provides guidance on how you may provide information on war memorials for inclusion in the Register.

    Which war memorials will be listed in the Register?

    The war memorials that will be listed in the Register will be those that are the focus of commemorative services or considered significant by the community for the commemoration of those that died and served in wars and conflicts, including peacekeeping missions. A memorial could include a cenotaph, statue, obelisk, column, gate, memorial building or facility, or avenue of trees.

    How to start

    If you have a war memorial that you think should be included, conduct a search of the Register to ensure that it is not already listed. If the war memorial is not listed, contact the Register staff by email with your proposal. The Register staff will be able to advise on the suitability of the memorial and assist you with your submission. Submissions can either supplied through your local Council or direct to the Register staff at the Department of Environment and Science.

    Information you will be asked to provide

    Information requiredExplanationRequired?
    LGA Name of local government authority Required
    Memorial Name Official name of memorial Required
    Location Street address or direction to memorial Required
    Suburb/town Based on specific postcode Required
    Postcode   Required
    Description Appearance/material/construction Required
    Inscription Where inscription is lengthy, include principal words and provide photos of remainder and honour rolls. Required
    Conflicts commemorated
    • Sudan, 1885
    • South Africa War 1899–1902
    • Boxer Rebellion, 1900–1901
    • First World War, 1914–1918
    • Second World War, 1939–1945
    • Japan (BCOF), 1945–1954
    • Malayan Emergency, 1948–1960
    • Korea, 1950–1953
    • Indonesian Confrontation, 1962–1966
    • Vietnam, 1962–1975
    • Gulf War, 1990–1991
    • Somalia, 1992–1994
    • Peacekeeping, 1947–Present[1]
    • Unit Memorials
    • Other[2]
    Memorial type
    • Artwork/window
    • Building
    • Cenotaph/shrine
    • Column/obelisk/pillar
    • Flagpole
    • Garden/avenue/tree
    • Gate/arch
    • Gun/war trophy
    • Honour board
    • Honour roll
    • Stone/cairn/plinth
    • Place
    • Plaque
    • Statue
    • Structure
    Commemorative services held Timings, dates and organising authority Optional
    Additional information Limited to a small paragraph (100 words) e.g. date of dedication, mason/architect/sculptor Optional
    Recorded by Indicate who recorded the information Required
    Date recorded Indicate the date information was recorded Required
    Latitude Degrees + 4 decimals (South) (if available) Optional
    Longitude Degrees + 4 decimals (East) (if available) Optional
    Image 1 Principal overview of memorial Required
    Caption 1 Brief description of the image Required
    Photographed by Indicate the name of the photographer/s and the organisation they work for, if applicable Required
    Date recorded Indicate the date of the photography Required
    Additional images Images of various aspects of each memorial Optional
    Additional image captions Brief descriptions of each image Optional
    Photographed by Indicate the name of the photographer/s and the organisation they work for, if applicable Optional
    Date recorded Indicate the date of the photography Optional
    Other memorial information Information additional to above. This may not initially appear on the web pages. Optional
    Local maintenance authority Who cleans or repairs the memorial? Optional
    Condition of memorial Describe the structural integrity and legibility of inscriptions. Optional

    [1] Will include conflicts such as Somalia, East Timor, Bougainville, Sinai, Timor, Iraq and Afghanistan.

    [2] Other could include memorials related to other nations/miscellaneous memorials, e.g. war dogs.

    Photographic guidelines

    How many photographs are required?

    At least one photograph of each memorial showing as much as possible of the principal view is required (Image 1). Ideally, additional photographs will show the memorial from all sides, close ups of plaques / honour rolls and other important features. If there are soldier’s names listed on the war memorial, an image or multiple images of each name plaque is highly desirable. Please ensure when you take a close up that a margin of background is shown about each plaque to allow for cropping if required.

    What is the required photograph format?

    Digital photographs are preferred, as images will need to be in this format for loading onto a web page. Digital image file can be either TIFF or JPEG taken at the maximum image size available for the camera.

    Digital images of at least 2 Megapixels in size are preferred or approximately 1600 x 1200 pixels. Furthermore, camera image quality should be set to at least 'Fine' or 'High' to ensure that the photos taken are of high quality. Lower quality digital images will also be accepted if the image is of sufficient quality and has not been manipulated.

    If printed photographs are to be provided they should be printed on quality photographic paper with dimensions of at least 10 x 15 centimetres (the 'normal' size for photographs from a typical 1-hour photo lab). The minimum resolution must be 150 dpi or higher. If the resolution is too low, the printed photograph will look pixellated or blurry when viewed on the website.

    Should I retouch or enhance the photographs before sending them in?

    Please only send in ‘copies’ of the original digital images that have not been manipulated.

    Submission of information and photographs

    Please send information and images to the project team by email to:

    Include with each image, a caption, the date taken and the details of the photographer with the organisation they belong to if this is applicable. When sending multiple images, please ensure that we can identify the correct detail for each image file.

    Please acknowledge that the provision of images and information is also giving authority for their use on the Queensland War Memorial Register website.