Development of the register

The Queensland War Memorial Register was announced as an initiative of the Queensland Government by the Premier in Parliament on Remembrance Day 2008. The Register was launched by the Minister for Public Works and Information and Communication Technology in time for ANZAC Day 2009.

The Queensland War Memorial Register was developed as a joint venture with the Queensland Branch of the Returned & Services League of Australia (RSL) and with the active participation of all local government authorities and numerous individuals. The development of the Register has been a whole of Queensland project.

The RSL has provided advice on the inclusion of memorials. For this Register, the war memorials that have been listed are those that are the focus of commemorative services or considered significant by the community for the commemoration of those that died and served in wars and conflicts, including peacekeeping missions. A memorial could include a cenotaph, statue, obelisk, column, gate, memorial building or facility, or avenue of trees.

The Department of Public Works populated much of the initial data into the Register with contributions provided by enthusiastic individuals, including Shirley and Trevor McIvor who have provided all their information and photographs from their book, Salute the Brave. Dennis Stocks, Doug Tanner and Glen Hall also deserve special mention.

Local government authorities have coordinated and validated the submission of details relating to each memorial within their region. In many instances, local government authorities were assisted by willing community groups and RSL Sub Branches. Local government authorities will have an ongoing responsibility to update the Register and maintain the accuracy of the information through the Department of Public Works.

Thanks are due to all those who have contributed throughout Queensland.

Home page detail

The image on the left of the header is the ANZAC Square Shrine of Remembrance. The image on the right is of an Australian First World War Infantry soldier, which is taken from the Blackbutt War Memorial. The background place names are some of the campaign and battles where Australians have fought.

The author of the quote on the Home page is John Maxwell Edmonds (1875–1958).

When you go home, tell them of us, and say,
For your tomorrows these gave their today.