Help with searching the register

The search facility can be used to find details on memorials in a particular location, for a particular conflict or memorial type.

How to search the register

To retrieve a list of all memorials in the register select the list all memorials button and the memorials will be listed in alphabetical order of memorial name.

Search by name, suburb, town or postcode

To perform searches for a memorial enter the name of the memorial or the suburb or town where the memorial is located into the field marked ‘Name, suburb, town or postcode’.

As the search tool is not case-sensitive, there is no need to use capital letters. Using part of the name will return all locations containing those letters and will return much wider results of the search. For example entering the letters ‘all’ will return all suburbs or towns containing the letters ‘all’.

Filter by conflicts commemorated

Memorials can be further filtered to show only a particular conflict commemorated on a particular memorial. Select the conflict from the drop down list.

Please note it is very common for a memorial to have many conflicts commemorated and the result returned will often contain details of other conflicts as well as the filtered conflict.

Filter by memorial type

Memorials can be filtered to show only a particular type of memorial. Select the type from the drop down list.

Select ‘Search’ (or press the Enter key on your keyboard) to commence the search.

Search results

The result will include:

  • memorial name
  • memorial type
  • suburb/town where the memorial is located.