Memorials starting with “A”

Listing 81 memorials.

Memorial nameLocationMemorial type
Abingdon Downs Cattle Station CenotaphAbingdon DownsCenotaph/shrine
Acland War MemorialAclandStone/cairn/plinth
Agnes Water / Seventeen Seventy CenotaphAgnes WaterCenotaph/shrine
AHS Centaur Memorial (Cylinder Head)Point LookoutStone/cairn/plinth
Airport Plaques - USAAF and RAAFGarbuttPlaque
Albionville M.U.I.O.O.F. Honour BoardGin GinHonour board
Albionville Roll of HonourGin GinHonour roll
Alexandra Headland Korean War MemorialAlexandra HeadlandStone/cairn/plinth
Alexandra Headland National War Dog MemorialAlexandra HeadlandStone/cairn/plinth
Allied Forces Intelligence Memorial Plaque, AscotAscotPlaque
Allingham 'Saluting Their Service' MemorialAllinghamStone/cairn/plinth
Allora Australia Remembers Memorial ParkAlloraGarden/avenue/tree
Allora Boer War Memorial (Digger)AlloraStatue
Allora St Andrews Church WWI Roll of HonourAlloraHonour board
Allora St Andrews PAFSOA Roll of HonourAlloraHonour roll
Allora St Patrick's School World War I ShrineAlloraCenotaph/shrine
Allora St Patricks School World War I Honour RollAlloraHonour roll
Allora World War I MemorialAlloraColumn/obelisk/pillar
Allora World War II MemorialAlloraColumn/obelisk/pillar
Alma Bay MemorialMagnetic IslandStone/cairn/plinth
Aloomba School 1914-1919 Honour BoardAloombaHonour roll
Alpha Town Hall Honour BoardAlphaHonour board
Alpha War MemorialAlphaStructure
Alton Downs War MemorialAlton DownsColumn/obelisk/pillar
Amberley Honour StoneAmberleyColumn/obelisk/pillar
AMP Roll of HonourBrisbaneHonour board
AMP Roll of Honour PlaqueBrisbanePlaque
Anakie War MemorialAnakieStructure
ANZAC Cemetery GatesCooktownGate/arch
ANZAC Centenary MemorialPialba, Hervey BayStatue
ANZAC Centenary Park and Digger StatueClevelandStatue
ANZAC Memorial and Park, Saint Nicholas Serbian Orthodox ChurchRichlandsPlace
ANZAC Memorial GroveKippa-RingGarden/avenue/tree
ANZAC Memorial Park GateInnisfailGate/arch
ANZAC Memorial Park, CooktownCooktownPlace
ANZAC Memorial, BedourieBedourieStatue
ANZAC Square Boer War Memorial DiggerBrisbaneStatue
ANZAC Square Korea Malaya Borneo MemorialBrisbaneStatue
ANZAC Square Memorial Bench PlaquesBrisbaneStructure
ANZAC Square Peace Keepers MemorialBrisbaneGarden/avenue/tree
ANZAC Square Shrine of MemoriesBrisbaneCenotaph/shrine
ANZAC Square Shrine of RemembranceBrisbaneCenotaph/shrine
ANZAC Square South-West Pacific MemorialBrisbaneStatue
ANZAC Square Vietnam MemorialBrisbaneStatue
ANZAC Square Womens FreizeBrisbaneArtwork/window
ANZAC Square WWII MemorialBrisbaneStatue
ANZAC Way War MemorialTownsvilleGate/arch
Apple Tree Creek Memorial RotundaApple Tree CreekStructure
Apple Tree Creek State School Honour BoardApple Tree CreekHonour board
Apple Tree Creek War Memorial (Digger)Apple Tree CreekStatue
Aramac Memorial GatesAramacGate/arch
Aramac War Memorial (Digger)AramacStatue
Ascot State School War MemorialAscotStone/cairn/plinth
Ashgrove Stewart Place Gallipoli PineAshgroveGarden/avenue/tree
Ashgrove Stewart Place Memorial Field GunAshgroveGun / war trophy
Ashgrove War MemorialAshgroveColumn/obelisk/pillar
Ashgrove West Uniting Church Memorial WindowsAshgrove WestArtwork/window
Atherton RSL Honour RollAthertonHonour roll
Atherton War Memorial (Digger)AthertonStatue
Augathella Cemetery MemorialAugathellaStone/cairn/plinth
Augathella Hospital MemorialAugathellaStone/cairn/plinth
Augathella Memorial Hall Honour BoardAugathellaHonour board
Augathella War MemorialAugathellaHonour roll
Australian Air Crews MemorialTownsvilleOther
Australian Army Medical Services Centenery PlaquesBrisbanePlaque
Australian Army Medical Services PlaquesBrisbanePlaque
Australian Army Nursing Service WWII PlaqueBrisbanePlaque
Australian Army Service Corps PlaqueBrisbanePlaque
Australian Army Training Team Vietnam PlaqueBrisbanePlaque
Australian Flying Corps and Royal Australian Air Force PlaqueBrisbanePlaque
Australian Hospital Ship (AHS) Centaur Memorial PanelBrisbanePlaque
Australian Independent Companies, Commando Squadrons, M and Z Special Units PlaqueBrisbanePlaque
Australian Legion of Ex-Servicemen and Women PlaqueBrisbanePlaque
Australian Machine Guns Corps MemorialBrisbaneHonour board
Australian Pioneer Battalions MemorialBrisbaneHonour board
Australian Red Cross Society PlaqueBrisbanePlaque
Australian Vietnamese War MemorialBrisbaneStatue
Australian Womens Army Service Plaque (Brisbane)BrisbanePlaque
Australian-American MemorialNewsteadColumn/obelisk/pillar
Ayr War MemorialAyrColumn/obelisk/pillar
Ayr War Memorial ArchAyrGate/arch