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Lakes Creek War Memorial


The memorial is a granite obelisk on top of marble name plaques with black lettering, on concrete blocks and concrete stepped base. Crosses are set into the base of the obelisk.

A private war memorial erected to honour workmates; as a tribute to John Curtin, war-time Australian Prime Minister; as a tribute to General Douglas MacArthur, USA Commander in Chief; as an historical record of local participation and sacrifice in war.

Situated east of Rockhampton in a tree lined memorial avenue, on the Rockhampton-Emu Park Road, Lakes Creek Qld 4701

Location of Lakes Creek War Memorial

Centre plaque reads: This memorial commemorates our comrades in the fighting services from the Slaughtering and Casing Dept CQME Co 1939-1945. Erected by the AMIEU members of the Slaughtering and Casing Department, Lakes Creek.
Listed are names as follows: RAAF, 13 names; RAN, 2 names; AIF, 26 names - including 2 who also served in 1918; and AMF, 23 names, of whom 1 died and 1 was killed. This makes a total of 64 names, of whom 1 died and 1 was killed.
Smaller inserts under the names read: In honour of JOHN CURTIN, war time Labour Prime Minister died in office the fifth day of July 1945; and In honour of General MacArthur, USA Commander in Chief.
Conflicts commemorated
Second World War, 1939-1945
Memorial type
Additional information

The memorial was moved up to and opposite the corner of Pilkington Street and Lakes Creek Road.

Recorded by
Shirley and Trevor McIvor/Greg Elder, Rockhampton Regional Council
Date recorded
11 March 2009

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