The Brisbane Club WWI Honour Board

Location of The Brisbane Club WWI Honour Board

Brisbane Club Tower, 241 Adelaide Street
Brisbane QLD 4000

Pressed copper Honour Board backed and supported by a silky oak frame. The Board complements another 'In Memoriam' Board whcih hangs opposite in the lift foyer of the second floor. The Board is significant in that it lists 119 individuals, who as members of the Club enlisted and served in World War I. The display includes the British and the Australian flags in copper relief and the designation of the The Brisbane Club as a central shield. The club motto in latin script is also included. The names are listed in eight columns and fifteen rows and would represent a vast cross section of Brisbane's business and organisational community of the era. There is a small presentation plaque at the base of the board.


1914 1919



"Pro patria, pro aris

atque focis suis"


Plaque at base:


-- 1917 --

Conflicts commemorated
First World War, 1914–1918
Memorial type
Honour board
Additional information

In 1903, a Certificate of Incorporation was issued and The Brisbane Club was formed with an inaugural membership of 45. The Club's first President was Edward D Day who was also the General Manager of the Royal Bank of Queensland, the Club's first bankers. Many mergers later, it became the National Australia Bank which is still the Club's bank today.

The Club had two temporary homes before its establishment in Adelaide Street in 1916. Little is known of the Club's activities during the Second World War. It gave generously to various Patriotic Funds and made its facilities available for any function which would help the war effort. A regular visitor to the club was American General Macarthur, who has his headquarters on the corner of Edward and Queens Streets.

In March 1977, the Club was presented with its own armorial bearings design and a hand-inscribed and embellished document testifying to its providence and authenticity by the York Herald, Dr Swan. The principal elements of the coat-of-arms are the Stafford Knot, five pointed stars, the crest, shields, helmet and motto - all with relevance to the Club and the State of Queensland.

Over the years the Club has always taken a leadership role within the business community. After 95 years as an exclusively men's organisation, the members voted at an Extraordinary General Meeting on 14 December 1998 to admit women to membership of the Club.
(Source: The Brisbane Club)

Recorded by
Matt Smith, QLD War Memorial Register
Date recorded
1 December 2009

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