Warwick War Memorial

Location of Warwick War Memorial

In Leslie Park, Corner of Palmerin and Fitzroy Streets
Warwick QLD 4370

The Warwick War Memorial is situated in the south eastern corner of Leslie Park, inside the Memorial Gates which address the corner of Fitzroy and Palmerin Street, Warwick.

The War Memorial is a substantial Helidon sandstone and granite structure facing the south eastern corner of Leslie Park, Warwick, where the Memorial Gates are diagonally situated. The memorial stands 35 feet (10.7m) high, and comprises a base, pedestal and surmounting Celtic cross. The sandstone pedestal of the memorial sits on a stepped granite base, the upper step of which is rough cut and has a foundation stone on the south west face.

The banded sandstone plinth of the memorial has square planned piers projecting slightly from the corners which continue the decorative banding and are surmounted by pyramidal pinnacles. This section of the memorial features AIF badges, and a marble plaque, which in leaded lettering lists the 122 local soldiers who fell in the First World War. Resting on this section is the recessed sandstone shaft of the memorial, the entablature of which is supported at each corner on four polished granite columns with Corinthian capitals. The shaft has a carved wreath, carved lettering The Honoured Dead and Roman fasces on each corner. The entablature comprises a simply moulded architrave, a more elaborate cornice with dentils and a recessed frieze on which the dates 1914 - 1918 are carved in relief. Surmounting the entablature are three sandstone steps on which rest a carved sandstone Celtic cross.

The gates have four rough-cut coursed sandstone pillars, 2.9m high, the outer two of which are surmounted with marble globelike finials. Marble name plates with leaded lettering give lists of those from the district who fought in the First World War and returned. Iron swinging gates allow vehicular traffic between the inner piers and pedestrian traffic between these and the outer piers.

Leslie Park has entrances on each corner, with gravelled paths from the entrances diagonally crossing the area. At the centre of the park, where the paths meet, is a rock and water feature, heavily built up with concrete block. The paths are lined with large established trees.
(Source: Queensland Cultural Heritage Register)


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Conflicts commemorated
  • First World War, 1914–1918
  • Second World War, 1939–1945
  • Korean War, 1950–1953
  • Vietnam War, 1962–1972
Memorial type
Commemorative services held


Additional information

The Warwick War Memorial was constructed in 1923 and the gates were completed one year later in 1924. It is thought to be designed by Roy and Hugh Campbell and executed by Frank Wiiliams. The memorial honours the 122 local men who fell during the First World War and the gates honour the 377 who served and returned. The memorial is situated on the south-eastern corner of Leslie Park, which has been a recreational square and park for the town since the first surveys in the late 1840s.

Early surveys of Warwick saw land in the central part of town reserved for use as a public square and bounded by Victoria, Guy, Fitzroy and Palmerin Streets and intersected by Albert Street. These two blocks are now known as Leslie Park, in which the War Memorial is situated and Cunningham Park, which is on the block to the north of this.

Among the alterations which have occurred in Leslie Park, so named to honour the Leslie family who were early pioneers of the Darling Downs, was the erection of the War Memorial and Memorial Gates. The foundation stone of the War Memorial was laid June 7 1923 by the then Prime Minister of the Commonwealth, Hon S M Bruce and unveiled by the State Governor, Sir Matthew Nathan, on December 5 1923 at a ceremony attended by 3000 people. The memorial was erected to cherish and perpetuate the memory of the men of Warwick and district who were faithful unto death in the Empires glorious struggle for righteousness and freedom.

The Memorial was constructed for 1445 of Helidon sandstone by the well known and highly regarded masonry firm of F Williams and Company of Ipswich

It was reputedly designed by Roy Campbell of Warwick, although the designs may, in fact be those of his father, Hugh Campbell. Upon unveiling the Memorial, the Governor was said to have expressed pleasure in the involvement of a returned soldier in the work of the Memorial, and this is believed to refer to Roy Campbell who served in the war.

The same designer and contractor were responsible for the Memorial Gates, which were erected one year later in 1924.

Since then other war memorials have been added to Leslie Park, adjacent to the gates, flanking the principal memorial; these include two cairns, one commemorating the Second World War and the other for various wars including those in Vietnam, Korea, Borneo and Malaya; as well as two war guns. As well, various buildings have been added to the park including a lawn bowls club and green, a kindergarten and playground and various council administration and storage buildings.
(Source: Queensland Cultural Heritage Register)

Recorded by
Shirley and Trevor McIvor
Date recorded
18 March 2009

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