Cardwell Battle of the Coral Sea Memorial

Location of Cardwell Battle of the Coral Sea Memorial

Battle of the Coral Sea Memorial Park
Coral Sea Drive and White Street
Cardwell QLD 4849

A white brick wall with columns on top. Various round metal plaques have been inserted on the front. Two boulders with additional plaques sit either side of the memorial. A flagpole sits either side of the memorial on the far side of the boulders.
This memorial commemorates the Coral Sea Battle during WWII when American and Allied Forces defeated the Japanese in an air and sea battle to save Australia.


A small plaque at the base of one of the flagpoles reads:

You may say it's an old piece of bunting
You may call it an old coloured rag,
But freedom has made it majestic,
And time has ennobled the flag.

Refer to additional images for some inscriptions on memorial plaques. Also for inscriptions on the memorial boulders.

Conflicts commemorated
Second World War, 1939–1945
Memorial type
Recorded by
Kim Agli, Community Relations Officer, Cassowary Coast Regional Council
Date recorded
16 February 2009

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