Department of Trade and Customs WWI Honour Board

Location of Department of Trade and Customs WWI Honour Board

Customs House, Lower ground level, 399 Queen St
Brisbane QLD 4001

Timber panelled Honour Board dedicated to individuals from the Department of Trade and Customs who served and in four cases died during the Great War. The Board is divided into three panels designated Customs, Excise and Meat Export. The Customs category lists 13 individuals, with 4 killed in action. The Excise section lists 12 individuals and the Meat Export section lists 8 individuals. A unique aspect of the Board is the inclusion of two carved Short Magazine Lee Enfield Rifles, the regular service weapon of the era, which are located on the flanks of the display.


1914 THE GREAT WAR 1919

Conflicts commemorated
First World War, 1914–1918
Memorial type
Honour board
Additional information

Designed by Charles McLay of the Colonial Architect's office, Customs House is two storeys high on the Queen Street frontage, while three storeys are visible from the river side. With work commencing in 1886, this imposing and rare surviving masterpiece of the Colonial Architects Office took three years and 38,346 to build.
The Brisbane Customs House is a fine example of Victorian Free Classical style, with its grand colonnades and portico, and a dome which still manages to be a major feature on the landscape, despite being overlooked by adjacent high rise office and apartment blocks.
After Federation in 1901 the Customs House became part of the commonwealth government's customs service and some of its elegant rooms were carved up as offices. Surrounded by busy wharves and trams, it became one of Brisbane's best known buildings. Conscious of the heritage value of the House, the Commonwealth government negotiated a lease with the University of Queensland which agreed to restore the property, generously supported by donations.
(Source: Customs House website, University of Queensland)

Recorded by
Dennis Stocks and Doug Tanner/Matt Smith, QLD War Memorial Register
Date recorded
26 November 2009

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