Hemmant Boer War Memorial (Anning Monument)

Location of Hemmant Boer War Memorial (Anning Monument)

254 Hemmant-Tingalpa Road
Hemmant QLD 4174

The Anning Boer War Memorial is an important Queensland monument. It is one of the few memorials in Queensland to commemorate the involvement and death of Queensland soldiers in the Boer War of 1899–1902.

After the First World War, memorials were erected in most Queensland towns, however in 1903, when this memorial was unveiled, they were still quite rare. It is an uncommon example of a memorial erected in memory of a single soldier.

The Boer War Memorial is situated in a large park in Hemmant. It sits beside a grassed playing area in front of a group of children's swings. The sandstone memorial comprises a base and pedestal surmounted by a obelisk. It sits on a concrete pad and is surrounded by evenly spaced metal posts linked by a metal chain.

The base is a smooth faced step with a chamfered top edge. Surmounting this is the pedestal plinth which is smooth faced and capped with large cyma recta mouldings. The front face displays a high relief carving of a trooper's hat and bandolier. Rising from the plinth is the pedestal dado. It is a square pillar with recessed panels on each side. The front face has a leaded marble plaque set into the recess bearing an inscription to Lance Corporal John Harry Anning. The dado is capped by a large cornice made up of a number of cyma recta and torus mouldings.

Projecting from the pedestal is the obelisk. It sits on a plinth capped with cyma recta and torus mouldings and also has a leaded marble plaque on the front face. It bears another inscription to Lance Corporal Anning.

The obelisk has a relief carved tasselled shroud draped over the top. Below the shroud are relief carved crossed rifles, bound with cord and resting on a banner. The banner hangs from a staff with a small crown at the top.

(Source: Queensland Cultural Heritage Register)


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Conflicts commemorated
South Africa War, 1899–1902
Memorial type
Additional information

The Anning Monument was unveiled in March 1903. It was designed and executed by monumental mason William Busby of Toowong, Brisbane.

The stone memorial honours local man, Lance Corporal John Harry Anning of the 5th Queensland Imperial Bushmen. The memorial was erected by his friends and comrades after he was killed in action at Koppiesfontein, South Africa on 6 August 1901 at the age of eighteen. It was originally sited at the junction of Lytton and Hemmant Roads, but was re-sited in 1968 after it was hit by a car. The Anning memorial was constructed at an early phase of the history of war memorials in the state. After the First World War, the construction of war memorials was prolific. In 1903, when this memorial was unveiled, they were still quite rare.

The memorial at Hemmant demonstrates the principal characteristics of a commemorative structure erected as an enduring record of a major historical event. This is achieved through the appropriate use of various symbolic elements including a shroud, crossed rifles, and obelisk.

(Source: Queensland Cultural Heritage Register)

Recorded by
Shirley and Trevor McIvor
Date recorded
20 April 2009