Ingham Boer War Mafeking Tree

Location of Ingham Boer War Mafeking Tree

Ingham, 109km north of Townsville, centre of Palm Terrace
Ingham QLD 4850

This memorial has outstanding significance: as the only known Mafeking 'Tree' (Boer War) memorial in Queensland. It commemorates the Relief of Mafeking (Boer War) on the 17 May 1900. A public holiday was declared across Britain on 23 May 1900 to celebrate. Two years later in 1902, following the death of Queen Victoria, Queen Victoria's birthday, the 24 May, was declared as Empire Day.


A plaque under the tree reads: This black bean tree (Castanospermum Australi) was planted on 24th May 1900 as a community gesture to celebrate the relief of the besieged city of Mafeking held by British and Australian troops during the Boer War. The honour of planting the tree was accorded to the Ingham Telegraph master, Mr S T Simpson whose son, Jack, served in the forces besieged in Mafeking.

Conflicts commemorated
South Africa War, 1899–1902
Memorial type
Additional information

See also: Mackay Mafeking Boer War Memorial

Recorded by
Shirley and Trevor McIvor/Dennis Stocks and Doug Tanner
Date recorded
20 March 2009

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