Lakes Creek War Memorial

Location of Lakes Creek War Memorial

Situated east of Rockhampton in a tree lined memorial avenue, on the Rockhampton-Emu Park Road
Lakes Creek QLD 4701

The memorial is a granite obelisk on top of marble name plaques with black lettering, on concrete blocks and concrete stepped base. Crosses are set into the base of the obelisk.

A private war memorial erected to honour workmates; as a tribute to John Curtin, war-time Australian Prime Minister; as a tribute to General Douglas MacArthur, USA Commander in Chief; as an historical record of local participation and sacrifice in war.


Centre plaque reads: This memorial commemorates our comrades in the fighting services from the Slaughtering and Casing Dept CQME Co 1939–1945. Erected by the AMIEU members of the Slaughtering and Casing Department, Lakes Creek.
Listed are names as follows: RAAF, 13 names; RAN, 2 names; AIF, 26 names - including 2 who also served in 1918; and AMF, 23 names, of whom 1 died and 1 was killed. This makes a total of 64 names, of whom 1 died and 1 was killed.
Smaller inserts under the names read: In honour of JOHN CURTIN, war time Labour Prime Minister died in office the fifth day of July 1945; and In honour of General MacArthur, USA Commander in Chief.

Conflicts commemorated
Second World War, 1939–1945
Memorial type
Additional information

The memorial was moved up to and opposite the corner of Pilkington Street and Lakes Creek Road.

Recorded by
Shirley and Trevor McIvor/Greg Elder, Rockhampton Regional Council
Date recorded
11 March 2009

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