Ma Ma Creek War Memorial (Digger)

Location of Ma Ma Creek War Memorial (Digger)

St Stephens Anglican Church cemetery, Heifer Creek Rd
Ma Ma Creek QLD 4347

The First World War Memorial is situated in St Stephens cemetery on the Gatton - Clifton Road next to the State School. It is a small country cemetery located on the northern side of a cement block church and enclosed by a wire mesh fence. The site is elevated and all headstones, and the memorial, face east.

The memorial is located in the Andrews family plot at the front of the cemetery and is a prominent element in the setting from the roadway. It comprises a pedestal surmounted by a digger statue.

The sandstone memorial sits on a double stepped sandstone base with smooth faces. Surmounting this is a plinth with rough-cut faces, margined and chiselled around and a chamfered top. At the centre of each face is a smooth-faced sandstone plaque with a triangular top that projects into the chamfered surface. A L PETRIE is carved onto the front chamfered surface.

The pedestal comprises a smooth-faced square pillar with marble plaques on the front and side faces. The front plaque bears a leaded ivy leaf motif, inscriptions and the names and details of the three Andrews brothers killed in the First World War. At the top and bottom of the pier are rough-faced blocks, margined and chiselled around. The digger stands on a smooth-faced double step which surmounts a cornice with triangular pediments to each face. These are also rough-cut, margined and chiselled around.

The digger statue is depicted as life-sized with his head bowed and hands resting on a reversed rifle. Unusually for this type of the statue, the digger wears a cap instead on a slouch hat. He his supported by a tree stump at the rear.
(Source: EPA Cultrual Heritage Register)


In proud and loving memory
Their name liveth for evermore / Honour Roll

Conflicts commemorated
First World War, 1914–1918
Memorial type
Additional information

Erected in 1920 for Fleurine Elsie Andrews. It was designed and produced by A L Petrie and Son of Toowong, Brisbane and demonstrates the principal characteristics of a commemorative structure erected as an enduring record of a major historical event. This is achieved through the use of appropriate materials and design elements. As a digger statue it is representative of the most popular form of memorial in Queensland.

It has special association with the Andrews family, who erected the memorial after losing three members in the First World War and also with the local community, as the focal point for public remembrance services.

The First World War Memorial is situated in the St Stephens cemetery, directly behind the Andrews family plot. Although privately owned, it became the focus of public Anzac Day memorial services.

Recorded by
Shirley and Trevor McIvor
Date recorded
11 March 2009