MacArthur Museum Brisbane (AMP Building)

Location of MacArthur Museum Brisbane (AMP Building)

Level Eight, MacArthur Chambers, 201 Edward Street
Brisbane QLD 4001

Although not a memorial in the true sense of the term, the MacArthur Museum Brisbane is a living memorial to Brisbane's Second World War history. Situated on the eighth floor, the space was originally the site of the Supreme Allied Headquarters, South-West Pacific Area during the time, and the location of the personal offices of General Douglas MacArthur, the Allied Commander within the region.

The museum, incorporating the offices constitutes half of the entire floor and shares the level with apartments, which make up the remaining area. The museum takes the individual through the story of a 'Brisbane at War' and covers all aspects of the era, from a socially significant view. It covers topics such as wartime activities of MacArthur, whilst in Brisbane, as well as social heritage of schools, activities, entertainment, cuture and the influence of American Forces, on the women (and men) of Brisbane.

The war was a time when it was feared that Brisbane might be invaded or attacked, and the Museum displays the everyday lives of Australians and Americans during this significant era in the development of Brisbane.


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Conflicts commemorated
  • Second World War, 1939–1945
  • Unit memorials
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Recorded by
Ian Willoughby, MacArthur Museum Brisbane
Date recorded
9 July 2009

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