Mossman Commemorative Air Raid Cairn

Location of Mossman Commemorative Air Raid Cairn

Bamboo Creek Road
102km N of Cairns
Bamboo QLD 4873

The memorial is a cairn made up of several large rocks on a concrete base. Steps lead up from the road with white hand rails and a white rail behind the cairn. There is a sculptured aerial bomb position on the top of the memorial.



At 3.30 a.m. on 31/7/42, a Japanese aircraft dropped eight bombs in this Shire, one landing fifty metres directly behind this point. Carmel Zullo aged 2 1/2 years was asleep in the home
of her parents when the bomb exploded nearby.

Shrapnel pierced the iron walls of the house, one fragment grazing Carmel's skull. She was the only civilian casualty inflicted by the enemy on the Eastern Australian mainland throughout
World War 2.

This plaque was unveiled by Mrs. Carmel Emmi (nee Zullo) on 31/7/92 at a public ceremony to commemorate the attack, fifty years later.

Conflicts commemorated
Second World War, 1939–1945
Memorial type
Recorded by
Dennis Stocks/Sally Barnes, RSLA Mossman
Date recorded
27 February 2009

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