Mount Morgan RSL War Memorial

Location of Mount Morgan RSL War Memorial

Anzac Park, Morgan Street
Mount Morgan QLD 4714

This memorial has outstanding significance: as the only one of its type in Queensland; as one with rare war trophies; as a regional war memorial; as a supplement to the Coronation/Boer War memorial in the same Anzac Park.

A tall white spire with a light at the tip rises from a large white concrete base, and bears a plaque with a laurel wreath, reading: Greater love hath no man. In front of the plaque is a recessed square, painted blue inside, and a red cross is prominent on the white surface. The plaque at the front of the base reads: RSL War Memorial was erected by subscription and voluntary labour. Dedicated to our glorious dead by Very Rev John Hazelwood, Dean of Rockhampton. There are flag poles on either side of the memorial. The whole memorial is on a stepped brick base surrounded by a pipe and chain fence.

Under the pine trees to either side of the memorial are small plaques marked 42 A1 RIP bearing the names of battle areas, eg Charlie Hill, Passchendaele-Somme, Milne Bay, Amiens, SWP Komiatum, Messines-C/Pres. (NOTE: The 42nd Battalion was based in nearby Rockhampton and would have had many members from Mount Morgan in its ranks.)

On the right of the memorial is a war trophy set on a concrete base - a German World War I 15cm, long howitzer in recoiled position. The barrel is damaged, possibly prior to capture. On the left of the memorial is another war trophy set on a concrete base - a rare German World War I 95mm smooth bore artillery piece captured at Beersheeba by the Australian Light Horse.
Around the memorial are Gallipoli pines and gum trees, in a rural setting.

Anzac Park is at the end of Morgan Street and slopes steeply down. The World War I memorial is at the bottom of the park, with the Boer War/Coronation Memorial at the top near the street. There are picnic tables at the front and side of the park. A concrete path leads down the hill from Morgan Street to the World War I memorial. Visible behind Anzac Park are the now deserted open cut mines.

(Source: Queensland Cultural Heritage Register)


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Conflicts commemorated
  • First World War, 1914–1918
  • Second World War, 1939–1945
Memorial type
Commemorative services held

ANZAC Day Services - Mount Morgan 4714 - Dawn Service. Time: 4.30am - Location: Anzac Park, Morgan Street.
March: 10.30am starting outside School of Arts in Morgan Street. Luncheon after the march at the Community Services Hall in Morgan Street.

Contact: Mike Johnston, Secretary, Mount Morgan RSL Sub Branch. Phone (07) 49382213, email

Recorded by
Shirley and Trevor McIvor/Mike Johnston, Secretary, Mount Morgan RSL Sub Branch
Date recorded
12 March 2009

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