Pimpama and Ormeau War Memorial (Digger)

Location of Pimpama and Ormeau War Memorial (Digger)

Pimpama Uniting Church, Old Pacific Highway
Pimpama QLD 4209

This memorial comprises of a life-sized sandstone statue of an Australian soldier standing with head bowed and arms reversed on a standard type of pedestal used by A L Petrie, Mason, for other Queensland war memorials.

The pedestal is of sandstone on a rock-faced granite base and has recessed marble plates.

Crossed flags (Australian and the Union Jack) originally highlighted with gilt and paint are carved on the base of the statue. The monument is surrounded by the original kerbing and Gothic topped posts linked by rails.


The front plate bears the leaded names of the 7 local war dead and the east side plate bears the commemorative inscription and the following patriotic verse:

They have borne their cross,
They have gained their crowns,
Though they lie in far off graves
And we think of their lives a duty done
Manly, unselfish and brave

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Conflicts commemorated
  • First World War, 1914–1918
  • Second World War, 1939–1945
  • Malayan Emergency, 1948–1960
  • Korean War, 1950–1953
  • Vietnam War, 1962–1972
Memorial type
Additional information

The current statue was based on the original statue used by A L Petrie, but was carved by Stephen Traynor, a Stonemason who worked in Toowoomba.

The original statue was replaced in the early 90s and the former 'Digger' was placed in a glassed-in sentry box outside the War Museum at the Miles Historical Village on 2 September 1995. It was rededicated on 9 September 1995.

Recorded by
Shirley and Trevor McIvor
Date recorded
17 March 2009

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